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So you probably already know this blog is about 'Diamonds & Hair'. We post photos of Diamonds, ICONIC Celebrity hair, and trendy hair of random people we find... So if you know you got awesome hair, submit it in a question we'll glam it up and post! Guys & Girls, Black,White or Silver, We don't discriminate.





Foals was so freaking great last night. My throat hurts from screaming and my body is sore from jumping around. Yannis has such a good stage presence. He crowd surfed and ran through the pit still playing his guitar (I accidentally slapped his back, didn’t know what else to do when he passed)….


OMG it was amazing right????? It’s crazy it all happened last night. It feels like ..fake…! Like it was a dream hah but when I look in my phone it’s like “wow” haha I was really there, it wasn’t on youtube!


OMG when he crowd surfed?? Haha lucky!! I touched his hair!

I KNOW!!!! I did too I think everyone did. LOL when he came down the first time i couldnt even focus enough to get my camera together

    So this blog was soo intended for a more honest outlook on people’s creative hairstyles and maybe even people’s own diamonds. Celebrities are predominately posted, and that is because we hardly ever get any submissions! Basically what we’re saying is……….Submit!!

Submit a photo of you and your hair! 

OR Submit a picture of your ICE! Real or fake,                        diamonds are diamonds!

Just send a link to your photo here 

(NOTE: It will not allow you to just send “a link” So delete the “http://www.” and the “.com”!


Right: diamondsandhairtumblrcom

Alright so that’s it for now! We can’t wait to see what you all have to show!

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Bettie Page - Hair Icon

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